Today we will tell you what is the real cause of headache.

1. The first cause of headaches

You all know better than me that most of your people use mobile phones and computers. Staying up late at night is the real reason. When a person's eyes are fixed on a mobile phone screen or computer screen, we feel light-headedness and then the headache starts later. It is very important for a person to stay healthy. And to stay healthy, you need about eight hours of sleep a day. People only sleep for two or three hours and watch computer and mobile screens all day. This is the real cause of headaches.


2. Another cause of headaches.

Today's young boys and girls watch nasty videos on mobile computers and laptops. This causes weakness in them and then it also causes headaches. Because watching videos makes a person look sluggish and helpless and then he gets sick. This is a very dangerous thing for him.

3. The third cause of headaches.

The third cause of headaches is when a person works hard in the sun and walks around in the sun. Or travels on a motorcycle in the sun. The rays from the sun are very fast, they damage the human eyes, it causes headaches and it is necessary to keep the head cool when the head is hot, friend. Man can also die.

That is why it is necessary.

Avoid the sun. If you must go out, keep a wet or dry cloth over your head to keep your head warm. It won't hurt your head and your life will be safe.

Types of headPain:

types of Headaches

Primary headache:

Primary head pain because of some other scientific condition. Categories include:

1. Cluster headache.

2. Migraine.

3. Daily chronic headache (NDPH).

4. Tension headache.

Secondary headache.

Secondary head pain are associated with every other scientific condition, such as:

1. Diseases of the blood vessels withinside the brain.

2. Head injury.

3. High blood pressure (hypertension).

4. Infection.

5. Overuse of drugs.

6. Bone marrow

7. Shock

8. Tumor

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